Bertz-Rosa | Strategy & Creative is primarily the vision of Suzanne Bertz-Rosa, a strategic communication design professional with more than 25 years of experience. Ours is a focused team of experts with the right experience and passion to bring your project to life. With Bertz-Rosa, you get seasoned, strategic thinking and effective design, combined with a practical, “get-it-done” attitude.

To us, collaboration is key. We work closely together, and with our clients — who we see as partners — to solve complex problems. Our team is reliable, hardworking, and efficient. But we’re also thoughtful, enthusiastic, and conscientious.

We’re dedicated to working on projects that make a positive difference. Since landing in Fresno in 2003, our firm has engaged with the community to work on a wide range of projects focused on making the Central Valley, our home, a better place.

Suzanne Bertz-Rosa

Strategic & Creative Director

Suzanne’s proven strengths are as wide as her experience: an ability to understand and clarify issues, determine what is relevant to project and audience, break down problems to their simplest form, assess situations through the lens of the goal, see a clear path through complexity, and translate strategic elements into visual representations.

Before starting Bertz-Rosa Design, Suzanne worked as the Interactive Director/Creative Director at Young & Rubicam Advertising/SicolaMartin in Austin, Texas. Prior to that, Suzanne ran her own design studio in San Francisco. During that time, she worked with clients ranging from Bank of America, Charles Schwab, and Citibank to Xerox, Novell, Hewlett Packard, and Fujitsu.

Suzanne’s 30-plus years of experience include a stint as an Interactive Producer at Bank of America working on their award-winning website and shaping the face of online banking. She was also the Art Director for Bank of America impacting the bank’s image across the country and internationally. Her early experience includes project management, graphic design, typesetting, and printing sales.

Since returning to the Central Valley, Suzanne has focused her time and experience on projects that make a difference in the community.

Miaka Hardcastle

Project and Operations Coordinator

Miaka’s strengths lie in the ability to relate personally and professionally with both her coworkers and clients. The satisfaction and fulfillment of those she interacts with are at her core. Her commitment toward working hard to achieve a common goal and her desire to connect with those around her are what drives her to inspire, create, and develop. Her constant willingness to learn and hone her crafts only further enforces her passions for working with and for the public.

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, Miaka’s ambition was to branch out and diversify herself with new cultures and opportunities. She found herself in Fresno first managing then owning a local portrait studio prior to joining the Bertz-Rosa team. This is where she was able to cultivate her strengths and find confidence in her abilities.

Miaka obtained her Bachelors degree in Art from CSU Fresno with an emphasis in photography. She constantly sees the potential of life through a refined lens. She finds pleasure in creating, building, cooking, reading, and chocolate milk.

Jeff Chandler

Visual Designer

It could be said that Jeff Chandler has been around the block. Probably a thousand times. And on his bike. Jeff’s strength lies in finding creative ways to get the message across — if his work doesn’t inspire action or communicate clearly, he sees it as just another pretty distraction.

Prior to joining Bertz-Rosa Strategy + Creative as Visual Designer, Jeff served as Senior Designer at Jeffrey Scott Agency for eight years, and before that was Art Director at Armadillo Advertising, and Graphic Designer at Dumont Printing. He’s worked on brand identity, print collateral, and multi-faceted campaigns involving online platforms for diverse clients such as hospitals, casinos, credit unions, and nonprofits. When he’s not at the computer, Jeff enjoys time at a workbench full of tools and something that needs fixing. A bicycle repair enthusiast, he also enjoys the magic of a wheel that spins true.

Strategic Partners

The Bertz-Rosa | Strategy & Creative team, while small, is mighty. We choose to be independent, but are strong proponents of partnership. Our team is enhanced and extended through collaborations with two established creative agencies: Shift3 Technologies, web programming and technology, and Catalano Fenske & Associates, media buying and public relations. Our two-way partnerships with these equally seasoned specialists make Bertz-Rosa | Strategy & Creative a one-stop resource for any and all creative and strategic solutions.

Shift 3 Technologies

Shift3 is the development arm of Bitwise Industries and works with clients to design, develop, and deploy beautiful and functional technology to meet their needs. To Shift3, talent is as important as the creative process. The firm has a focused team of experts with decades of experience ranging from websites to web applications to mobile applications. Every day, Shift3 strives to design and develop technology that positively impacts the people and communities around us.

Catalano Fenske & Associates

Catalano Fenske & Associates is a team of inspired professionals who specialize in public relations, marketing, event planning, communications, fundraising, and business development. Open since 2003, CF&A takes great pride in its long-standing relationships with clients, the media, and the business community. In order to reach creative solutions, CF&A stands on the foundation that supports these relationships, always working within the framework of trust and respect while achieving creative and innovative results.


Strategic Partners

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